Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Glades: It’s Not ‘Kooky’ Anymore!

A & E series, The Glades is all set to mark its appearance on the channel again, with its exclusive season 2. Well, the crime-drama has drawn a clear picture before the audiences that how an eminent performer makes all the difference.

The credit for the show’s success goes to the man in lead, Matt Passmore. Undoubtedly, with an uneven cast that the show previously had, it was just next to impossible to get the attention of viewers.

But, it shot to fame so perfectly due to Passmore, who induced sparks of humor, liveliness, action and thrill in the crime-drama series, and made The Glades episodes a summer-delight. So, see how an actor can raise a show and make it worth watching.

Well, though the series managed to allure a significant chunk of viewers in its past season, yet it was counted to be the one that’s quite ‘kooky’. Even, the Australian actor himself claimed that the show features a number of such challenges that are just inappropriate for a crime series.

But, with The Glades season 2 arriving soon, the show will utterly be able to falsify all the awkward titles given to it, as it’s returning with a bang, amplifying its pace to the fullest extent. In the context, Passmore stated that the season 2 of the series would up the ante of the season 1. That means, the actor is quite contented with the creators’ job this time.

Further, the show is reported to be involving a lot of blokey stuff and yea, also a lot more action this time. As per the reports received, the creators have planned to proffer the audiences an unusual dose of thrill & adventure, even though the series is about crime and detectives.

I guess, it’s gonna be great fun to watch The Glades episodes, this time.

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