Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Glades Are Tripping Over Snakes in a Church This Time!

the glades
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to uncork the champagne because it is official – that detective Jim Longworth has a thing for Callie Cargill and she has a thing for him, too!

So, the two of them have a thing for each other, but who has the time for all that nonsense when you can spend your day checking corpses of Haitian doctors, find loads of money with the dead bodies and then go on chasing the unknown killer.

Good times, indeed.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement have their hands full most of the times with almost all type of cases, but this time, what’s there on their platter is something too hard to digest and even harder to just gulp it down.

How about a dead man? Seems run of the mill, right?

OK, how about a dead man in a church?

Nah, still nothing!

Fair enough! How about a dead man in the church lying inside a box full of writhing and biting poisonous snakes? Yeah, the washroom is just right next to you! 

You can catch this seemingly surreal spectre in The Glades season 2 episode 8, which has been symbolically titled as ‘Second Skin’.

Det. Jim Longworth and his sleuths will have a lot on their well-tanned mitts to handle, apparently even more when they are assigned this strange murder case.

The killers these days, huh! They will find new and ingenious ways to kill people and strike fear in the hearts of the public, also giving inspiration to other psychopaths in the making.

We have seen the Russian Mafioso kill people by stuffing their throats with snow, Yakuza gangsters chopping off fingers, and now snakes in a church! Well, at least Samuel L. Jackson won’t be featuring in this episode and thank the Good Lord for that.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Mystery and Suspense at Their Riveting Best on the Next Episode of The Glades!

The ongoing season of The Glades has had some tough challenges in store for Detective Jim Longworth, who seems to be stumbling on one roadblock after the other. The recent incident when he was shot in the buttocks was shocking and hilarious at the same time.

If you’ve missed out on the action so far, you can download the episodes of season 2 that has gone by. This way, you’ll find out that the reason why Detective Longworth fired the gun, was that his senior misunderstood that he had slept with his wife.

The Glades season 2 episode 7 will showcase the events that follow his return to Florida, where he has joined the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). When Jim first moved to Florida, all seemed to be perfect in his life, as not only did he have an enviable bank balance, but also got to work in the picturesque locations of Florida.

However, if you watch the show regularly, you would know that Jim and peace are two things that simply don’t go together. It wasn’t long before he was embroiled in the unceasing labyrinth of crime in the locality.

Now, as he gets entangled with Callie, it’s going to be riveting to see what happens next. The upcoming episode will focus on the market of illegal prescription drugs, which is a subject that has rarely, if ever, been broached on television before.

We’ll also experience some spine-chilling terror, as we watch the detective embarking on the mission of solving the murder case of a Haitian doctor. It seems that this episode is going to be replete with all that keeps us inadvertently glued to this show.

Don’t forget to catch up with all the action as the episode airs on July 24, 2011.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Glades: It’s Not ‘Kooky’ Anymore!

A & E series, The Glades is all set to mark its appearance on the channel again, with its exclusive season 2. Well, the crime-drama has drawn a clear picture before the audiences that how an eminent performer makes all the difference.

The credit for the show’s success goes to the man in lead, Matt Passmore. Undoubtedly, with an uneven cast that the show previously had, it was just next to impossible to get the attention of viewers.

But, it shot to fame so perfectly due to Passmore, who induced sparks of humor, liveliness, action and thrill in the crime-drama series, and made The Glades episodes a summer-delight. So, see how an actor can raise a show and make it worth watching.

Well, though the series managed to allure a significant chunk of viewers in its past season, yet it was counted to be the one that’s quite ‘kooky’. Even, the Australian actor himself claimed that the show features a number of such challenges that are just inappropriate for a crime series.

But, with The Glades season 2 arriving soon, the show will utterly be able to falsify all the awkward titles given to it, as it’s returning with a bang, amplifying its pace to the fullest extent. In the context, Passmore stated that the season 2 of the series would up the ante of the season 1. That means, the actor is quite contented with the creators’ job this time.

Further, the show is reported to be involving a lot of blokey stuff and yea, also a lot more action this time. As per the reports received, the creators have planned to proffer the audiences an unusual dose of thrill & adventure, even though the series is about crime and detectives.

I guess, it’s gonna be great fun to watch The Glades episodes, this time.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Matt Passmore Sounds Quite Excited At Samantha Harper’s Arrival!

Well, it seems that Jim Longworth just couldn’t have enough of Samantha (played by Natalia Cigliuti) in the recent installment of The Glades.

Though the lady made a comeback to join hands with Longworth to solve the serial killer’s mystery in Chicago, Matt shared his honest opinion on Samantha’s return in the show.
In the previously aired The Glades episodes, Jim was focused on his job to help FDLE in solving some of the most entangled mysteries.
But in a recent interview, Jin opined about Samantha, referring to her as a gorgeous lady! Hmm! I agree with you, she is a true head turner!
And for those not in the know, she is Jim Longworth’s old flame as well (on-screen)!
Longworth was required to portray his impuissance after coming in contact with Samantha! And she certainly touched some strings of his heart, though they aren’t in a relationship anymore.
But let me tell you Matt, viewers thoroughly enjoyed your reunion with Samantha, though you had to depict a heart-broken lover on screen.
Moreover, even Callie became quite unstable and uncomfortable, as she witnessed your ex-partner returning in the show.
Is there any love-triangle in the offing? We wouldn’t mind one, considering Jim’s on-the-hook relationship with Callie!
Well, you will be in state to opine on the same as and when you download The Glades!
So what are waiting for?