Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Glades Are Tripping Over Snakes in a Church This Time!

the glades
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to uncork the champagne because it is official – that detective Jim Longworth has a thing for Callie Cargill and she has a thing for him, too!

So, the two of them have a thing for each other, but who has the time for all that nonsense when you can spend your day checking corpses of Haitian doctors, find loads of money with the dead bodies and then go on chasing the unknown killer.

Good times, indeed.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement have their hands full most of the times with almost all type of cases, but this time, what’s there on their platter is something too hard to digest and even harder to just gulp it down.

How about a dead man? Seems run of the mill, right?

OK, how about a dead man in a church?

Nah, still nothing!

Fair enough! How about a dead man in the church lying inside a box full of writhing and biting poisonous snakes? Yeah, the washroom is just right next to you! 

You can catch this seemingly surreal spectre in The Glades season 2 episode 8, which has been symbolically titled as ‘Second Skin’.

Det. Jim Longworth and his sleuths will have a lot on their well-tanned mitts to handle, apparently even more when they are assigned this strange murder case.

The killers these days, huh! They will find new and ingenious ways to kill people and strike fear in the hearts of the public, also giving inspiration to other psychopaths in the making.

We have seen the Russian Mafioso kill people by stuffing their throats with snow, Yakuza gangsters chopping off fingers, and now snakes in a church! Well, at least Samuel L. Jackson won’t be featuring in this episode and thank the Good Lord for that.


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