Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Matt Passmore Sounds Quite Excited At Samantha Harper’s Arrival!

Well, it seems that Jim Longworth just couldn’t have enough of Samantha (played by Natalia Cigliuti) in the recent installment of The Glades.

Though the lady made a comeback to join hands with Longworth to solve the serial killer’s mystery in Chicago, Matt shared his honest opinion on Samantha’s return in the show.
In the previously aired The Glades episodes, Jim was focused on his job to help FDLE in solving some of the most entangled mysteries.
But in a recent interview, Jin opined about Samantha, referring to her as a gorgeous lady! Hmm! I agree with you, she is a true head turner!
And for those not in the know, she is Jim Longworth’s old flame as well (on-screen)!
Longworth was required to portray his impuissance after coming in contact with Samantha! And she certainly touched some strings of his heart, though they aren’t in a relationship anymore.
But let me tell you Matt, viewers thoroughly enjoyed your reunion with Samantha, though you had to depict a heart-broken lover on screen.
Moreover, even Callie became quite unstable and uncomfortable, as she witnessed your ex-partner returning in the show.
Is there any love-triangle in the offing? We wouldn’t mind one, considering Jim’s on-the-hook relationship with Callie!
Well, you will be in state to opine on the same as and when you download The Glades!
So what are waiting for?

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